Frequently asked questions
Make sure you've selected the correct Country, and then choose 'Show More' if available under the top 4 Social Login buttons. If that doesn’t help, you will need to clear your browser cookies and cache and then access the application again. This will provide you with a new selection of your Country and Language so you can choose a fresh Social Login option for your selected Country.
The social account you're using isn't pre-approved for login. Make sure you're using the correct account pre-approved by your manager. Clearing cookies and cache or using Incognito/Private browser mode can help you to make sure you're using the correct social account for login.
Use either login you prefer; however, be consistent.
Go to Global Account Manager (GAM) to reset your password.
Go to social provider of your email account and follow their instructions on how to reset your password.
Ask your manager to search for your profile information in Global Account Manager (GAM).
Ask your manager to look at your profile information in the HR system or run a Global Account Manager (GAM) email report.
Only an approved email address that is associated with one of the login options can be used for login.
Please have your manager update your email address in the HR system.
The account you've tried to use for login isn't recognized as a valid account. Please check with your supervisor or manager in order to confirm that you're using a correct and approved account.
The application is protected with additional security layer called MFA (multi-factor authentication) and you'll need to provide a correct 6-digit code to access it successfully.
Use the login associated with the restaurant you are working at when you are trying to login to any applications.
Contact People Services and they can resend it to you.
Gmail allows users to log into their accounts with our without a full stop (period) in the login. For example, a user will be able to log in with even though their Gmail account is actually registered as Ask your manager to re-register your account to match the email address in the error message.
Call the Technology Support desk for further assistance.
Call the Technology Support desk for further assistance to resolve this query.
When possible, please try to navigate to your application using a different device and see if the issue is local to the device initially used. If you're using a phone or tablet, try to access it from a laptop or desktop computer or vice versa. In case the issue is the same from multiple devices or accounts, or if you don’t have the ability to test it using a different device, please gather following details: - Take a screenshot of the error page if possible. - Expand the 'Error details' if you've landed on a page that shows it, and save it for later. - Navigate to the Global AS root page to obtain info on which Global AS instance you're connecting to. - Write down the affected application URL address. Report all the details you've collected (screenshot of the error, 'Error Details', Global AS Instance info and affected application URL address) through a Service Café ticket and assign it to the Global AS ticket queue for further advanced troubleshooting.